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POS - Remove 0 byte Old Tickets

Code snippet

Name: POS - Remove 0 byte Old Tickets
Version: POS/2.20 & 2.30
Author: James Bolongan

This functionality/code is created based on this thread.

View saveCurrentTicket method in the JTicketsBagShared class.

Update the saveCurrentTicket function with this new code.


   private void saveCurrentTicket() {
       // save current ticket, if exists,
       if (m_sCurrentTicket != null) {
           try {
               dlReceipts.insertSharedTicket(m_sCurrentTicket, m_panelticket.getActiveTicket()); 
               TicketInfo l = dlReceipts.getSharedTicket(m_sCurrentTicket);
               if(l.getLinesCount() == 0)  {
           } catch (BasicException e) {
               new MessageInf(e).show(this);

This saveCurrentTicket function is now included a functionality that will not saved a ticket if the sales is empty or a 0-byte ticket.

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