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Pareto Product Report

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Pareto Product Report distributes products into three classes (A, B or C) according to the cost value that each product inventory has in the warehouse. Based on this classification the frequency of counting cycle can be decided (e.g. A products are counted weekly, B products monthly and C products yearly).

Following distribution is used: A products represent 80% value of the warehouse, B - 15% and C- 5%.

Parameters window


Currency field defines currency in which all monetary values (like Cost, Value) of the report are shown. Field is defaulted to the system currency. Please note that Conversion Rate to the report Currency should be specified for the report to work.

Update ABC button fills in ABC field (updates value if the record exists or creates new record otherwise) of Org. Specific tab of the Product window for the organizations of the report output.

Sample Report Output


Columns to note:

Persisted Information

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR17Q2.

As part of Openbravo 3.0PR17Q2 release, the Pareto Product Report includes many features that drastically improves the performance.

One of these features is the possibility to use the aggregated data calculated for the Valued Stock Report. Please refer to the Valued Stock Report documentation for more details about how to generate the aggregated information.

Note that, exactly the same as for the Valued Stock Report, the Pareto Product Report can also be launched without aggregated data. However this feature is specially useful in high volume environments when you experience performance issues launching the report.

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