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Payment Export Eintel



The Payment Export module is used to create and export Australian Bankers Association (ABA) files to be submitted with Banks to allow for batch transactions.

General Setup

Import Reference data. After install Payment Export Module, login Openbravo, goto Application -> General Setup -> Enterprise Model -> Enterprise module management , select eintel: Payment Export module, and click OK. The payment export process will be installed.

Setup payment export process to payment method.

Step 1pe.jpg

Financial Account Setup.

How to pay an invoice via ABA file

Open an unpaid invoice, click the add Payment button. Choose the new payment method which we created in the General Setup, then process the payment.

Step 2pe.jpg

Go to Payment Execution Application -> Financial Management -> Receivables and Payables -> Transactions -> Payment Execution . Select all the Payments needing to be processed, and press the Process Button, input the description for these payments and press execute button.

Step 3pe.jpg

Open the ABA File Export window Application -> Financial Management -> Receivables and Payables -> Transactions -> ABA File Export , will see a new record generated. Select the new ABA export record and click the Create ABA File button, will export the ABA file.

Step 4pe.jpg

Available Versions

Release Date Release Status Module Version Number Openbravo Version Number Forge Link
2015-07-07 Confirmed Stable 1.2.1 3.0PRQ3 Australia: Payment Export
2015-03-04 Test 1.2.0 3.0PRQ3 Australia: Payment Export

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