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Payment Report

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The Payment Report displays Receivables and/or Payables information which can be filtered by an extensive set of available filters.

Receivables and/or Payables information is shown grouped by the payment status, besides additional grouping and ordering criteria can also be defined.

The Payment Report is an Openbravo dimensional report which contains below specific filtering options:

Payment report parameters.png

Note that if "Business Partner" for instance is selected as grouping criteria, it will be removed from the ordering criteria list, as grouping implies ordering.

The Payment Report is launched by pressing the process button "Search". An example of the output of the report is shown in the image below:

Payment report output.png

Some relevant fields to note are:

An invoice marked with an (*) means that the invoice has been paid by using a credit payment.

Several invoices marked with (**) means that the invoices have been paid by using the same credit payment.

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