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Payment Run

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The payment run window is a read-only window which shows relevant information of each payment run executed within an organization.

A payment run can contain only one payment or several payments grouped and executed together.

It is possible to check the status and result of the payment run as well as the result and message of every single payment inside each payment run.

Payment Run

The execution date and the execution status of each payment run is shown in this window among other relevant data such as the source of the execution.

Payment Run.png

The Payment Run window only shows the payments received or made which required an additional execution step, therefore an Automatic Execution Type is configured for the payment method used while making/receiving those payments.

The source of the payment execution can be:

There are three "Status" available:


The payment tab list the payments executed in a payment run.

PaymentRun PaymentsTab.png


The parameters tab shows the value of the payment execution process parameter/s.

An Execution Process can have a set of parameters defined.

For instance the "Print Check simple process" execution process delivered by Openbravo only requires the check number upon execution of the payment.

PaymentRun ParametersTab.png

Full list of Payment Run window fields and their descriptions is available in the Payment Run Screen Reference.

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