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Planning Method

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Define how transaction types will be dealt with in the application.

A Planning Method is used to define the optional components of supply and demand and their percentage to be taken into account during the execution of the MRP process creating the Manufacturing Plan and Purchasing Plan. Each product that is planned in either the Manufacturing plan or the Purchasing Plan has a Planning Method defined in the product set up.
By default MRP takes stock and safety stock into account when creating the plans, but the following transactions are optional and are configured in the Planning Method:


Create a planning method.

In this tab the organization and the name of the planning method is entered. A general plannning method can be entered to include all components of the optional demand and supply, because any components that are not applicable for a certain product will just not appear in the plan, while any components that are left out by mistake result in incorrect and incomplete calculations of the plan.



Add transactions to be included in your plan. Each transaction is shown on its own line.

In this tab the applicable transactions are entered on separate lines. For each transaction type, it is possible to define whether transactions are considered for the whole time horizon on the Manufacturing plan and Purchasing Plan or just a part:

Also, a percentage of the quantity to be considered by MRP is configured with the Weighting. If a sales forecast for 100 units is entered with a weighing of 0.9, only 90 units are reflected in the Manufacturing plan or Purchasing plan. Likewise, a value above 1 can be entered to include a higher number in the plans.

Full list of Planning Method window fields and their descriptions is available in the Planning Method Screen Reference.

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