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Price List

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A price list is a listing of prices for different products or services.
It is possible to create as many price list and price list versions as required depending on the organization needs.

The process of creating a price list is slightly different to the process of creating a price list version.

Price List creation:

  1. Price List Name and Type (sales or purchase) is detailed in the Price List window header. It is also mandatory to defined whether the price include taxes or not.
  2. Exists the possibility of Price list based on cost, for this the price list should be sales price list.
  3. The Default Price List Schema with no configuration at all, as well as the valid from date information must be detailed in the Price List Version tab
  4. The Unit / List price of each product which must be included in the price list is detailed in the Product Price sub-tab.
  5. The price list is ready and can be linked to the business partners as required and therefore used.

Price List version creation:

  1. Price List Name and Type (sales or purchase) is detailed in the Price List window header.
  2. A Price List Schema which contains the new commercial rules to apply, the valid from date and the Base Price List for which the price list version is created must be detailed in the Price List Version tab.
  3. The process Create Price list populates the "Product Price" tab by including:
    1. every product contained in the original price list
    2. each product will have a new unit and/or list price, depending on what was configured in the price list schema used.
  4. The price list version is ready and can be linked to the business partners as required and therefore used.
  5. Documents will automatically default the most recent version of a price list.
  6. There is no end date on price list versions, but old versions can be deactivated.a

Price List

Price List window allows to create purchase and sales price lists to be assigned to the business partners for its use in purchase and sales transactions such as orders and invoices.


As shown in the image above, a price list or a price list version can be created by just entering below relevant informacion:

How this affects the flows?

As an example : If price inclusive of tax is originally 135.50 and rate is 4.5 % then the rounded price before tax would be 129.67

The order line would stay:

Quantity: 1 Net Unit Price: 129.67 Line Net Amount: 129.67 Gross Unit Price: 135.50 Line Gross Amount: 135.50

But the total gross amount (calculated by the system) would be 135.51 (tax base amount:129.67 + tax amount:5.84) and what it has to be clear is that the final result must be 135.50 (The customer bought 1 unit which price is 135.50). This difference is going to be solved adjusting taxes:

The system will adjust the difference summing or subtracting this difference with the tax that has the highest amount. So in this example instead of having a tax line where the amount is 5.84€, the amount will be 5.83€ (5.84-0.01)

So finally the total gross amount for the sales order would be 135.50 (129.67+5.83) which is the desire amount

Due to this (Net amount vs Gross amount) when using prices that include taxes we recommend to work with greater precision (price precision) to avoid rounding differences

Price List Version

There could be as many versions of an existing price list as required, versions which can be valid for a given time period and which can be defined according to certain commercial rules.


As shown in the image above, there are two types of "Price List Versions":

The process button named "Create Price List" must be used only in the case of creating futher price list version as it requires a Base Price List if the price list is not based on cost. If the price list is based on cost is mandatory to select the price list schema and optionally the base version.

Product Price

Product Price tab allows to either add or edit products and their prices for a selected price list.


In other words:

Overall this tab includes two main fields:

Product Price with Exceptions

The product Price with Exceptions tab allows setting a different unit price for the selected product in a price list version. The new price can be established to be applicable for a date range and a specific organization. This new price will be used instead of the unit price coming from the price list version (product price tab) for the selected organization or any of its children when fulfilling the date criteria. If there are two exceptions valid for a given organization, that one with an organization closer to it in the tree structure will be the one chosen to be applied.

Product Price with Exceptions creation:


As shown in the picture above, the product price exception can be created by entering the below information:

  1. Organization is mandatory
  2. Valid from and Valid to dates determine the duration this price will be available
  3. Unit Price is the standard price that will be applied to the product when used in the transaction


How this affects the POS flows?

This new price exception will override the existing defined product price when the date criteria apply. In case there are two valid exceptions the price to be applied is the lowest organization in the hierarchy for the Touchpoint the user will login to.

For example: If the user login to Touchpoint VBS-1 which belongs to Vall Blanca Store and there are three Product Price Exceptions defined, one for White Valley Group, Vall Blanca Store, and South West Zone, and all of them are valid exceptions; In this case Vall Blanca Store price exception will be applied.

Full list of Price List window fields and their descriptions is available in the Price List Screen Reference.

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