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Price List Schema

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A price list schema is a template used to automatically populate a new version of a price list

Price List management is not an easy task to handle mainly on competitive markets where the margins are very tight.
Nowadays, organizations have to deal with a huge variety of products which have different prices depending on the season and other pricing variables.

Openbravo manages prices through three pricing related concepts:

And allows the creation of:

The way these concepts work in Openbravo is described below high level:

  1. Creation of Price List/s:
    1. A "Default Price List Schema" with no configuration at all, is created by default after creating an organization.
    2. The "Default Price List Schema" is the schema to be used in the creation of the price lists which are NOT a "Price List Version".
    3. The Price Lists linked to the "Default Price List Schema" might contain both the net list price and the net unit prices of the products.
      To learn more visit Price List
    4. The Price list/s created can be linked to the business partners as required.
      To learn more visit Business Partner
  2. Creation of Price List Schema/s:
    1. New Price List Schema can be created as a way to configure a set of commercial rules to be applied to existing price lists.
      To Learn how keep reading.
  3. Creation of Price List Version/s:
    1. A new version of an existing Price List is created as a combination of a base price list and a given "Price List Schema".
      To learn more visit Price List
    2. The Price list/s versions created can be linked to the business partners as required.
      To learn more visit Business Partner


Price list schema window supports the creation of as many price list schemas as required with the aim of getting an easy management of price lists and price list versions.


As shown in the image below, the creation of a price list schema is as easy as to create it and give it a Name.

The set of price and discount rules which might apply to a set of product categories or specific products must be configured in the "Lines" tab.


Price list schema lines tab allows to define a set of price rules such as to apply a discount % to the net unit price of a given product category or specific product.


Fist thing to notice is that, as shown in the image above, "Lines" tab is split into two sections:

Second thing to notice is that the set of price rules and/or discounts could be configured in a "hierarchical" way, that's line by line or applying the last valid price rule (non hierarchical way).

Bulbgraph.png   Since 3.0PR18Q2.1 Enable Hierarchical Price List preference is available in order to select the desire behavior applying the price list rules

Let's imagine that the rules which needs to be part of a price list schema are:

The way above works in Openbravo is:

Using hierarchical behavior:

Using non hierarchical behavior:

Full list of Price List Schema window fields and their descriptions is available in the Price List Schema Screen Reference.

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