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Product Characteristic

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Product Characteristic can be defined to complete the definition of a product using variants.

Product Characteristics are attributes that can be added to the product definition to extend the description of each product.Examples of Characteristics are Size, Color, Quality, Shape or Weight. These characteristics can be used later to filter or search products.

Once the definition of the characteristics are created these can be assigned to a product and then create other products or SKU based on this Generic Product and its characteristics. This is a generic product where common attributes like tax or prices are defined. By default products inherit all the attributes of the Generic Product such as taxes, prices, etc. They can be overridden on each product. Generic products cannot be purchased or sold or used in any document.

For example the Generic product Shirts Summer Season 2013 by My Provider implements the Characteristics Size and Color as variants. This Generic Product will have as Product Variant each combination of Color and Size.


Characteristic definition

Field to take into account:

Bulbgraph.png   Explode Configuration Tab flag is available since PR16Q1.

These three characteristics are assigned to the product in this way:

It will create four variants/products and for all of them with the characteristic Sport. We can say that a characteristic that is not variant is like a tag that is added to each new product



Each of the values of a characteristic.


Fields to be into account:


Button Add Products

This button is shown when a product characteristic value is NOT a "Variant", therefore it can be assigned to any product.

It does not update current values. That's why the button only shows products where the characteristic is not assigned to.

Translation Values



A subset is a collection of values of a Product Characteristic

Subset feature is a powerful functionality that allows to share same characteristics for different purposes. For example lots of colours and sizes can be created for different products:

But finally you have different products, for example t-shirts and pants:Subsets:

The aim of this feature is to avoid having duplicate values (blue, blue, green, green) because of different purposes. With this subset when selecting a product that is a pant, for example, instead of selecting the characteristic Colour you select the subset Pants. This way instead of retrieving seven values it will retrieve just four. The necessary ones when creating the variants Another advantage of doing like this is when searching for variants instead of having blue two times (and you wouldn't know if the blue is for pants or t-shirts), you will have blue one time. So when searching for variants that have the characteristics Blue the system will retrieve pants and t-shirts

Subset Value

Each of the values of the product characteristic assigned to the subset.



Fields based on a columns which reference is Product Characteristics can be filtered in grid assisted with a popup where the tree of available characteristics is displayed.

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from PR16Q1, the characteristics available in this popup are limited to the ones applicable to data filtered in the grid where it is displayed with the current filtering criteria for the rest of the fields.


Product Characteristics is ready to be used out of the box.

Anyway, some new cool features can be as well displayed with some simple configuration options (these changes needs to be exported to the template).

Improving product selector

You can select between the different product characteristics using product selector. There you have a column showing product characteristics description (See image).


That is not the case when selecting from suggestion box. There just product name are used. Taking into account product with characteristics shares the name, it becomes impossible to distinguish one from another (See image).


User experience in this case would be completely different if products could be identified from suggestion box (See image).


This can be easily improved by enabling some options of the selector.

Follow these simple steps to enable this configuration, and please do not forget to export those changes to your template.





Full list of Product Characteristic window fields and their descriptions is available in the Product Characteristic Screen Reference.

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