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Product attributes guide



Master data management

Product attributes

Product attributes are defined in the window Product attributes. Typical product attributes are Color, Size, Serial number.

Product attributes

Each product atribute can have a list of available values or not. Attribute values are defined in the window Attribute values. If a product attribute has defined a list of available attribute values, when presented to the user for editing a drop-down list with all the available values is displayed, if not, a text box where free text can be entered is displayed. A typical usage for attribute values if for example for the product attribute Color the list Red, Yellow, Green, ...

Attribute values

Product attributes are grouped in product attribute sets. Product attribute sets are defined the window Product attribute sets and you assign product attributes to product attribute sets in the window Product attribute use. In this window you have to assign the product attributes each product attribute set has and the order of each product attribute in the set. An example of product attribute set is Color and size that uses the attributes Color and Size.

Product attribute sets
Product attribute use

Use of product attributes in products

Product attribute sets is the entity asigned to products and that allow assign attribute values to products. There is a new field in the window Products that allow to assign a Product attribute set to a product.

This way in the inventory, sales, and other inventory movements you will be able to have products with attribute values. For example you can have the product Shirtsthat has the product attribute set Color and size. And you will have in the inventory and you will be able to sell, green XXL shirts, Red L shirts, ...


In the sales panel and in inventory management panels, there is a new button that allows to select the attributes of a new product added to the transaction Attributesbutton.png. When this button is pressed a dialog appears that allows to edit the attribute values defined for the attribute set asigned to the product.

Attributes edition

Analisys tools

There are two new reports that analyze the movement of product and attributes values. The Current inventory details report lists the inventory status of the products detailed by product attributes.

Current inventory details

And the Inventory details diary report lists all the product movements detailed by product attributes.

Inventory details diary

Configuration and personalization

With the addition of the products attributes functionality you can show this information in receipts and in the sales panel. For example to show the attribute values selected in the receipt template, add the following lines to the template in the place you want to print the attribute values:

#if ($ticketline.productAttSetInstId)
 <text align ="left" length="42">    ${ticketline.productAttSetInstDesc}</text>

And if you want to display the attribute values in the sales panel insert the following method call in the column value:


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