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Project/Summary Grouping Filter TestPlan



This page describes the test plan/scenarios for testing 3 different functionalities which have been developed together:

Summary Functions



Test: all summary functions on numeric fields

All summary functions (avg, sum, count, max, min) should be enabled for a numeric field.

Test: all summary functions on foreign key fields

Test: all summary functions on date fields

Test: all summary functions on list references

Test: store summary function as part of view

Test: define summary functions in the application dictionary

Test: column actions

Test: high volume testing

Go to this site: [1]




Test: control of grouping by preferences

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The availability of the grouping functionality is controlled by 2 preferences:

Set the preferences for different windows and see that grouping is available and not available depending on the preferences.

Also check that the maximum number of records setting has influence here by setting it to a low number (10) and see what happens when you filter a grid, so that the record count goes below this limit.

You can take the product category grid as an example.

Test: basic grouping

See that the groups are correctly created and that the business partner column is moved back to the right when ungrouping.

Test: group by a date column

Date columns can be grouped by date ranges. Test this functionality.

Test: group by a numeric column

Numeric columns can be grouped by a range of numbers.

Test: sort on a grouped column

Test: filter on a grouped column

Test: storing groups as part of a view definition

Test: grouping on child tabs

WIthin the sales order window go to the sales order lines tab and goto through the above tests also for a child tab.

Test: on other windows

The above tests are on the sales order window. Either do all the above tests on other windows as well (sales invoice, purchase invoice, etc.), payment windows, some AD windows.

Test: summary functions on groups

While there are groups in the grid execute the summary tests above and see that the summary values are shown on group level also.

Try summaries of character, list references, numbers and date columns

Test: column actions

Test that the grouped column can not be hidden or re-ordered.

Hide, show and re-order other columns and check that the grouping is maintained.

Test: check grouping not enabled for all columns

Check that grouping can not be done for yes/no, text or binary columns.


The filtering has been changed for foreign key references (table and tabledir) and list references. The filtering has been changed to a multi-select suggestion box.

Testing can be done on any window with list and foreign key references.



Test: foreign key filter

Test: foreign key filter, filter the suggestion box

Test: list reference

Test: list reference, filter the suggestion box

Test: high volume testing

Go to this site: [2]

Test: filter expressions

Test some of the filter expressions (see the filtering documentation) on the foreign key references.

On list references, expression logic is not enabled, so no need to test that there.

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