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Project Type

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Define projects types with typical phases and tasks to be used in projects.

A Project Type is a template with the typical phases and tasks that are applicable for a certain type of project. During the entry of a multiphase project a project type can be selected to automatically add the phases and tasks associated with that project type.

Project Type

Define a project type.

On the main tab of the Project Type, the main field is the Name of the project type. An intuitive name should be given so that once the multiphase project is entered, the user can easily recognize the project type that could be used to generate the phases and tasks.


Standard Phase

Define phases and products required during each phase, to be included in this type. Each phase is added by creating a line.

In the Standard Phase tab, the typical phases that are used in a multiphase project that it is used for are listed. The fields on this tab are:


Standard Task

Define tasks to be completed during each phase. Each task is added by creating a line.

Optionally tasks related to the phases can be entered also. The fields on the tasks are:


Full list of Project Type window fields and their descriptions is available in the Project Type Screen Reference.

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