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Projects:APR Migration Tool/Functional Documentation


APR Migration Tool - Functional Specifications


This module provides the possibility of migrating all the financial data from the old flow to the new flow implemented by the Advance Payables and Receivables Management module.


With this module it is expected to provide an easy way to migrate old live environments to an updated instance using the Advance Payables and Receivables Management module (APR from now on). On the APR module financial entities like Bank, Cash, Settlements, etc. have been replaced by new entities like Financial Accounts, Payments, Payment Methods. The objective of the migration tool is to provide an automatic mechanism to migrate all the data defined on the old entities to the equivalent entities on the new flow. Once the migration is done the instance will be ready to use the new flow.


This module will deliver a process to migrate data from the old flow to the new flow. This process will be executed once and it won't be possible undo it. It will neither provide a process to migrate data from the new flow to the old flow.


Design Considerations


Add here all the decisions that we take regarding the migration tool. All the dos and don'ts:



Management of debt payments pending to be paid.


Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

System Administrator: Person in charge of maintaining the instance.

Business process definition

Migration of all the data defined on the old flow to the new flow. The result of the process should be an instance ready to work using the new flow entities.

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

Add here entities that need to be migrated:

Id Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Migration of Payment Methods Must have Done
1.2 Migration of Financial Accounts Must have Done
1.3 Business Partners Defaults Must have Done
1.4 Migration of Orders Must have Done
1.5 Migration of Invoices Must have Done
1.6 Migration of Settlements Must have Done
1.7 Extension Point for invoices:

Don't generate Payment Plan if invoiced order has payments on old flow.

Must have Not started
1.8 Extension Point for invoices and orders:

Avoid reactivation of documents processed with old flow.

Must have Not started

User Interface Mockups

The form for launching the migration process is available only for System Administrator role in General Setup || Client || Migration Tool || Migration Tool

Migration Tool in the menu

The form is very simple.

Migration Tool form

The following figure shows how the form looks like in the middle of an execution. Notice that the button is not visible and a timer has appeared.

Migration Tool form

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

To open a new discussion item please start a new thread on the forums and put here the link.

Closed Discussion Items

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