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APR Migration Tool - Technical Documentation


The migration tool is a process developed using java and DAL. The process migrates all the entities one by one. It starts with the master data (Payment Methods, Financial Accounts) and finishes with the transactional data (Payments, Reconciliations,...).

The process consists on a main java class that will manage all the process and one java class for each entity that it is migrated. When the process finishes it should show an output, similar to the Initial Client Setup, with a resume of the data that has been migrated.

Migration Process

The Process is called from a manual form (General Setup || Client || Migration Tool) only available for System Administrator role. This form will call the process with a button and it will contain the result message of the Process.

The main java class is org.openbravo.erputil.aprmigrationtool.MigrationTool.

This makes several checks before starting the migration to avoid having exceptions on a later stage. Once the current data is checked it starts the migration process following the next steps:

Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram of the migration process

Extension Points

Some extension points are needed to be executed when some documents are posted.

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