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Projects/Add Payment Window/Technical Specifications



Present document explains the development required to properly implement the new Add Payment popup. Add Payment window development is done in the project specific pi-aprm-windows branch.

Add payment refactor is needed to fix performance problems and allow to easily extend the functionality of the window (modularity). Currently the Add Payment popup is a manual window created in Openbravo’s legacy technology (Implement a Servlet, html for the user interface, xml...), this type of window doesn’t support modularity. For these reasons, add payment window will be refactored implemented with process definition technology.


This project depends on another two project that are included in 3.0PR14Q3:

Implementation of the popup

The popup will be created in Process Definition window (logged as System Administrator):



New References to create

User Interface Mokups

Sales Order/Invoice

SalesInvoice addpayment.jpg

Payment In

PaymentIn addpayment.jpg

Purchase order/invoice

Purchaseinvoice addpayment.jpg

Payment Out

PaymentOut addpayment.jpg

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