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Projects:Allow comma separator/Specifications

Allow comma ',' as decimal separator for numbers - Functional Specifications


Currently the application can work with ',' (comma) or '.' (dot) as decimal separator.

But Openbravo ERP implementation of dojo RealNumber does not permit to configure it, so, you will obtain and "invalid number format" error if you try to insert a number separated with a ','. but database accepts it (Oracle).

The aim of this project is define a decimal separator for javascript and use it.

New specifications for decimal and grouping separators

The decimal and grouping (thousands) separator will be specified in

# decimal and grouping separator format

The format mask of every format will still remain in format.xml, but the decimal and grouping information will disappear from format.xml.

  <Number name="qtyEdition" formatOutput="#,##0.###" formatInternal="#,##0.###" />

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