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Check Printing

Module Definition

A module must be created with the following parameters:

In the dependency tab:

In the prefix tab: Prefix=OBFCHP

In the datapackage tab:

Artifact List

The development of this module involves the creation of the several items in the application dictionary. Notice that new fields, tabs and window will require of the creation of the corresponding tables and columns in the application dictionary. The relation of these new database objects is described in the Database Structure Definition section. Below is the list of windows and processes that are new or might have some changes.

Window definition

Check Printing window

This new window has one tab called Check Printing.

Check Printing Tab:

Fields included (descriptions are provisional):

Report & Processes

This module includes a report which will be used as Check Printing Template when printing checks.

Document Type configuration

An Document Type is required in order to properly create checks when executing payments with previous payment method, to provide the template used when printing checks

Below "Document Type" will be "automatically" created after applying Check Printing reference data set to the legal entity:

Execution Process

Data Set

Entity Relationship diagram

[Not Yet Available]

Database Structure definition

Relation of tables and triggers that needs to be included in the module.

OBFCHP_Check_Printing table

Column Name Name Reference Length Description
AD_Client_ID Client TableDir 32 Client for this installation.
AD_Org_ID Organization TableDir 32 Organizational entity within client
Created Creation Date DateTime 19 The date that this record is completed.
Createdby Created By Search 32 User who created this records
Isactive Active YesNo 1 A flag indicating whether this record is available for use or de-activated.
Updated Updated DateTime 19 x not implemented
Updatedby Updated By Search 32 User who updated this records
OBFCHP_Check_Printing_ID Check Printing ID 32 ID of the table.
C_DocType_ID Document type Table Dir 32 Check Printing Document Type. Determines which is the template used for printing
CheckNumber Check Number Character Varying 60 Number used by the check when printing
CheckDate Check Date DateTime 19 The date that this Check is created.
FIN_Payment_ID Payment TableDir 32 It is the payment this check is related to.
C_BPartner_ID Business Partner TableDir 32 Business Partner to pay to.
Amount Amount Amount 22 Amount to be paid.
Status Status List 60 Status of the check (Not Printed, Printed).
due_date Due Date DateTime 19 The due date of the Payment.

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