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Community Branding - Functional Specifications



The purpose of this project is to add a new frame on the home page of Openbravo with interesting information for users served by based on the version and edition of the instance. Each request to the community branding server will also store on butler an unskipable beat.

Design Considerations




Functional Requirements

Business process definition

Functional requirements based on business processes

The implementation has to be done on core and org.openbravo.butler modules:

requirements on core
Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Change servlet to show on an iframe the content of the community branding. On the home page it has to be shown as well the instance purpose, the version and the license type of the instance. If the browser has access to butler it will request to the content, if not it will do the request to the backend. Must have Done
1.2 Create a new servlet to get the static content based on the version and license of the instance Must have Done
1.3 Add on the web the static html pages for 2.50 version and Community, Basic and Professional Editions. Must have Done
1.4 Add a flag on the System Info window to enable/disable the Community Branding for all roles different than System Administrator. Enabled by default. Must have Done
1.5 Create a new servlet to get the static content based on the version and license of the instance Must have Done
1.6 The request to butler in case the browser has internet connection has to include as parameters:
  • The system identifier
  • The database identifier
  • The MAC identifier
  • The language
  • A server has internet connection boolean, true if the Openbravo server has internet available.
  • The license type
  • The version of the instance
  • The UI mode used (2.50 or 3.0)
  • The system date 'yyyymmdd' (to cache the response for one day)
Must have Done
1.7 Modify org.openbravo.client.application and to request the my openbravo page from when using 3.0 UI mode. Must have Done
1.8 Content served by butler should be cached for 1 day. Must have Done
requirements on butler
Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 Add a new servlet on org.openbravo.butler module to get the request from Openbravo instances for the community branding. Must have Done
2.2 The new servlet must redirect the corresponding Community Branding html based on the ui mode, version and license. Must have Done
2.3 The new servlet must log a community branding type beat on the heartbeat.

The information stored is:

  • system identifier
  • database identifier
  • mac identifier
  • server has internet available boolean.
  • beat type: Community branding (CB)
Must have Done
2.4 Demo instances on must have their own content. Must have Done
2.5 Add new htmls on apache for each version, license and uimode. Currently:
  • 2.50 Community
  • 2.50 Basic
  • 2.50 Professional
  • 2.50 Demo
  • 3.0 Generic for all licenses
Must have Done
2.6 Add a new js file on apache to check from Openbravo if there is access to butler. Must have Done

User interface mockups

Community branding image 2.50 ui:

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Community branding image 3.0 ui:

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