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Projects/Copy From Orders Refactor: Functional Design

Functional Specification for “Copy From Order” refactor

The purpose of this document is to define the functional requirements for refactoring the "Copy From Order" process to improve performance and user experience.

Scope Currently the "Copy From Order" process has some performance problems in environments with high volumes of information, as well as some functional limitations such as not being able to select more than one order at a time and having to navigate two windows to filter / select a particular order.

Migration of the process must cover these deficiencies and provide a more intuitive and functional process. In this sense, we will define the main functional changes that will be necessary to fulfill these objectives.

Functional requirements. 1. Migration to a Pick and Edit window: Currently the process "Copy From Order" is defined as a manual process and does not make use of the benefits of Process Definition. The first thing to do is to migrate part of the current process logic to a new Process Definition, using the Pick and Edit (PE) pattern in those windows that currently use it, and improves interaction with users. 2. Allow to select more than one order at a time: Currently it is only possible to select one order at a time, which increases the amount of user interactions when you want to add lines of several orders. The process must allow more than one order at once.

In the grid you must show - and be able to filter - the following information from the orders: · Business Partner. · Organization. · Date. · Document No. · Currency. · Grand Total. · Converted. · Sales Trans. · Description. · Reference Order. The orders will be ordered alphabetically by Business Partner and by Date in descending order, by default. Then the user must be able to sort by any column (s). 3. Information filtering: Currently the information is filtered by definition of the following filters: · Doc No. · Reference Order. · Business Partner. · From date. · To date. · Total Amount From. · Total Amount To. · Description.

When the Search button is pressed, the grid displays those results that match the selected filters. Then you can only select a record within the grid.


To improve the user experience, the grid will be replaced by another one that allows multiple selection and the most common operations on the columns (filter, sort, reorder, etc.).

With this new structure several of the currently defined filters will not be necessary to be explicitly defined, and the filtering of any column can be done directly on the grid. So, the current input filters can be removed from the window.

4. Order processing: The creation of the lines in the process must follow the following specifications: · The grid will allow to select more than one order at a time. · The process can be executed just if there is at least one order selected. · After the process is executed, it must add as many lines as the lines have the orders selected. · New lines created must have a reference to the line (and order) from which they were created.

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