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Projects/Create New In Selectors/Functional Specifications


'Create New' In Selectors - Functional Specifications


This project intends to add the capability in the selectors of the creation of new records.

In order to achieve it, the idea is to attach a process to the selector definition. This process should be in charge of:

There is a real code example of a process that does this steps in the Technical Documentation

Attaching a process to a selector

There is a new flag in 'Process Definition' window called 'Can Add Records to a Selector'. By selecting this flag, the process will be available to be selected in the 'Defined Selector' window

CNIS FS 01.png

Inside 'Reference' -> 'Defined Selector' window there is a new 'Process for Adding Records' combo that allows to choose any process with the 'Can Add Records to a Selector' flag set as true

CNIS FS 02.png

Bulbgraph.png   You need 'System Administrator' privileges to access 'Process Definition' and 'Reference' windows

Visualization (UI)

The selector form items with a process attached to them will be shown like:

CNIS FS 03.png

And the selector popup like:

CNIS FS 04.png

By pressing the '+' icon or the 'Create New' button, the process popup will be opened. The title of this popup is 'Add ' + the displayed name of the selector.

CNIS FS 05.png

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