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Projects/Create New In Selectors/Technical Documentation

'Create New' In Selectors - Technical Documentation

New implementations

The process in charge of adding the new record to the selector should be in charge of:

{*input_name*: *value*}
  refreshParent: false
  responseActions: {
    setSelectorValueFromrecord: {
      record: {
        map: *theDisplayedFieldValue*,
        value: *theValueFieldValue*
record: {
  map: "Alimentos y Supermercados, S.A",
  value: "A6750F0D15334FB890C254369AC750A8"
record: {
  bpid: "A6750F0D15334FB890C254369AC750A8"
  category: "Customer - Tier 1"
  creditAvailable: 0
  creditUsed: 0
  customer: true
  name: "Alimentos y Supermercados, S.A"
  value: "ES-C1/0001"
  vendor: false

Real example

Here there is a How to

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