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Projects/Generic CSV Bankstatement Importer/User Manual

CSV structure

The Generic CSV Bankstatement importer module allows to import bank statement lines from a generic CSV file.

The CSV file must contain the following columns as the header:

Generic csv 05.png

These columns match the fields available at the Bank Statement Lines tab from the Financial Account window: Generic csv 10.png

The fields separator for the CSV file must be set to comma (,).

Any locale is fully supported by the module:

Obviously, it is mandatory to follow the same decimal separator and date format in the whole CSV file

Here you can find an example of a CSV file compatible with the Generic CSV Bankstatement Importer module:

 Transaction Date,Reference No.,Business Partner Name,Amount OUT,Amount IN,Description
 20/10/2012,1,Foo Bar,0,"150,65",
 01/12/2012,"25,123",My Business Partner,2222,0,A description for this line

This file example can be downloaded from the forge's project page. You can use it as a base for creating another CSV file with your own data.

Module configuration

The module contains a dataset which makes it easier to configure it. As usual it can be applied from the Enterprise Module Management: Generic csv 20.png

Once the dataset has been successfully applied, the user can specify the date format and decimal separator that are used into their CSV files.

The date format can be any supported by the SimpleDateFormat java class; for example dd/MM/yyyy represents numeric day/numeric month/numberic (31/12/2050)

This step is done into the CSV Importer configuration window: Generic csv 30.png

Importing BankStatement lines

Once the configuration is ready, you can import your bankstatement lines from your CSV file as usual. Remember to selected the Generic CSV importer when uploading the file: Generic csv 40.png

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