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Projects:Goods Receipt by PO/Specifications


Goods Receipt by PO# - Functional Specifications



The purpose of this project is to add the possibility to create Goods Receipts by typing the correspondent Purchase Order document number.

Design Considerations


  1. Enhancing the existing receiving functionality without a complete redesign of the flow.

Functional Requirements

In the Create Lines From pop-up window that is called from Goods Receipt window. In this moment is possible to select a purchase order or invoice from drop-down menus, add the possibility to introduce manually the Purchase Order document no.

User roles & profiles

The user roles affected by this functionality are:

Warehouse workers
Typically these users do not have a high level of professional education and might not be computer literate. They tend however to spend a number of years with the same employer and after hiring they go through a few days of training to learn the processes within the warehouse. These users, therefore, need to be able to learn how to use the product in a few hours. Once the training is complete, their primary concern is to be able to perform tasks quickly in order to be productive.
Office workers
Typically these users have a high level of professional education, are computer literate and receive training in the product and business process. These users perform goods receipts of expense items (office supplies, legal services, etc.) to acknowledge that they indeed received what they had requisitioned. The receipt is often required by the Payables department in order to pay suppliers, there is however very little incentive for the workers to perform this task: it is an administrative job that is required by policy by the employer but that does not provide value to the employee. It is therefore important that office workers are able to complete this task with the minimal possible effort.

Business process definition

  1. Arrival to the warehouse the products of a completed Purchase Order.
  2. User opens Pending Goods Receipts and type the Purchase Order number in the search options.
  3. User selects the lines that have arrived and sets the warehouse and storage bin where they are stored.
  4. User processes the selection and the Goods Receipt is created

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

A new text field in the Pending Goods Receipt window to insert the Document Number in the search options.

Technical Requirements

  1. Fix some bugs related to Pending Goods Receipt manual window.

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