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Projects:HTML Widget/Functional Specs


HTML Widget - Functional Specifications


This project intends to deliver an additional widget superclass that will allow to define new widget classes setting up just the embedded HTML code.


This project defines a new widget superclass called HTML widget. This new superclass allows to generate widgets which content is the HTML code provided by the user. To use this superclass it won't be required to write any code, just defining a new Widget Class in the Application Dictionary will be enough.


The scope of this project is to deliver the HTML Widget superclass.

Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

System Administrator
System administrator can define new widget classes implementing the HTML superclass.
All users
All users can define new widget instances of classes implementing the HTML superclass.

Business process definition

  1. The HTML can be fixed by the System Administrator
  2. Each user can set up its desired HTML.

User stories

Story 1:

Story 2:

Functional requirements based on business processes

Id Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Deliver HTML Widget provider as a superclass. Must have Done
1.2 Deliver a User defined html widget widget class. Must have Done

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

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Closed Discussion Items

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