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Projects:Improved Upgrade Process


Implement improved Upgrade Process - Functional Specifications



The purpose of this project is to implement an improved upgrade process. This new process should have these key properties:

Functional Requirements

Business process definition

To achieve these goals, the following requirements will need to be fulfilled:

Specific subtasks based on business processes

Num Requirement Importance Estimation Status
1.1 Before the build process starts, it will stop currently running tasks so that they don't interfere with the build process. Must Have 1 day done
1.2 The status of the system will be saved in the database. Must Have 1 days done
1.3 The information about whether there were warnings or errors on each build phase will also be saved in the database. Must Have 2 days done
1.4 The User Interface of the rebuild window will be changed. Instead of showing the log, the build phases will be shown, and they will be marked as they are being completed. If there were warnings or errors in any of the build phases, they will be marked as such. Must Have 5 days done
1.5 A property will be used to know whether the application needs to stop working if the status of the system is not ok. This property can be configured in the Must Have 1 day done
1.6 If the current phase of the system wasn't set to "fully complete", when you login, the "rebuild system" option will be available. If rebuild was done but Tomcat wasn't restarted, the user will be able to restart Tomcat. Must Have 2 days done
1.7 The log can be optionally shown in the rebuild window. A new functionality to read files from the file system and display them in a pop-up needs to be implemented. Must Have 1 day done
1.8 The "build version" should be saved in the database and in the files so that it can be verified that the generated files were indeed deployed to tomcat Nice to Have 1 day Not done
1.9 Revision of the build process to make it reliable Must Have* (will not be fully completed) 3 days done
1.10 The rebuild window will kick logged users out, and will disable login for normal users until the rebuild has been completed successfully Must have 2 days done

User Interface Mockups


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