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Projects:Info Help for WAD Windows/Functional Specifications


Info Help for WAD Windows - Functional Specifications


The interface for generated processes includes a Info message box with the help for the process to be executed.

The same approach can be useful for some windows in the Openbravo ERP application.


The purpose of this project is to implement this Info help box for WAD windows. This is helpful for some windows that are not very often used and require of some explanations to the user to be able to understand its purpose, and example of this is the Heartbeat Configuration window.


This option will not be applied to all the WAD windows but only to those ones defined to include it.


Info Message
It is a message to show some information. In the current Openbravo ERP default skin it is shown as a blue box and inside of it the text message.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Developer user is the one that will setup some tabs to show this info messages.
Final Openbravo ERP user
Standard users will see, when using the application, the info message in the tabs defined to do it by the developer.

Business process definition

Developer will have a check at tab level to decide it must provide info message. Only by checking this value the message will be generated compiling the window. Note that the message will contain the help defined for the tab, so it is not necessary to write any addition information.

In case it's decided to be possible to show help about some fields, developer would be able if the tab is set to show info help to select the fields within it which help should be shown.

Functional requirements based on business processes

Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
0 Define the User interface pattern. Must have
1.1 Make modifications in AD to support this new feature:

Include the check to tab (and field if decided so) to show info.

Must have To be started 4h
1.2 Modify WAD to take into account this checks and generate the message box. Must have To be started 3d

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