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Projects:Installation in existing DB schema/Technical Documentation



This document explains technical issues of the Installation in existing database schema project.


Allowing installing and using Openbravo ERP in an existing schema, and without specifying the superuser password requires modifying 3 different Openbravo ERP components:

Technical design

Openbravo ERP


Currently some operations require superuser permissions in PostgreSQL, such a the Delete client process.


To be discussed with the platform team.

Ant tasks


The ant create.database automatically drops and creates a new user in Oracle and a new role and database in PostgreSQL.


Split it into 2 tasks:

  1. ant init.database: create the database user in Oracle and the role and database in PostgreSQL.
  2. ant create.database: populate the specified database.

Also, the database drop should be deleted. Optionally, this could be enabled with a special flag in called development.mode.

A complete list of subtasks requiring a review:

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