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Projects:Label Clean Up/Functional Specification




The purpose of this project is to clean up and organise the English labeling and references used within the application. Terminology used should be consistent throughout the application.


Scope for this project will be limited to those issues highlighted in the references section below.


Openbravo ERP issues:

Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

The following table shows a break down of the user stories identified to complete the functional specification within this document.

ref issue title func spec ref description priority dependencies estimate
1 303 Clean Employee references 2 The application should provide clear indications when an employee is required and if that employee should be of a particular type. Terminology used in referring to employees should be consistent between the employee window and uses of employee within the application. - -
2 1635 Alter Client reference to Entity 5 The application should show consistent use of the term entity throughout the application. The application will refer to Initial Entity Setup and Copy Entity. - -
3 4127 Reference field names 1 The application will provide meaningful names where the field is a reference field. The field name should show the correct object for which the reference is referring to. In particular for Invoice Reference, Shipment Reference, and Order Reference. - -
4 3410 Correct English Terminology 4 The application will show accurate English naming for all fields. Any English label or value within the application should accurately reflect it's meaning and convention. - -
5 4474 Cashflow Forecast Labeling 3 The cashflow forecast window will show accurate field names. - -

Functional requirements based on business processes

1. Reference Field Clean Up

Currently the field is called Order reference for all documents, but for an invoice or shipment this is not the correct terminology and for a user the meaning of the field is not clear.

The field should be renamed to Invoice reference and Shipment reference for the appropriate windows.

2. Consistent Employee Label Usage

When creating a Work Effort, there is a Tab called Employee. In this tab there is a selector labeled Business Partner. This field contains Operators. The term Operator is found in the Business Partner window on the Employee tab. Here there is a check box for an Operator flag.

Replace the reference to Business Partner in the Employee tab. The label should read Operator and the associated Help message will be updated to be more relevant to the content of the field.

3. Cashflow Report Label

One of the labels in the Cashflow Report called On the bank is incorrect. First of all it's in the bank, not on the bank, but what is described is called Bank Balance.

Change the label to Bank Balance.

4. General Label Cleanup

In June, updates to many of the English names in the application were done. The following was completed.

  1. All Window Names were reviewed.
  2. All Tab Names were reviewed.
  3. Elements which appear in the system more than or equal to 3 times were reviewed. (Note: Some elements appear with the same name but as different ID numbers or with the same id but used in different areas, thus forcing us to keep the term general).
  4. The out of the box menu was updated.
  5. Report and Form Names.

What is left from the English side:

  1. All manual windows (e.g. The windows and outputs in reports or example)
  2. Elements which appear in the system less than 3 times.
  3. Process Buttons.

Finally, updates were made to the User Manual and to the Help Menu. The major change was adding those short 7-10 word descriptions which help quickly jog our memory as to what a field does.

5. Client Label Consistency

The application will provide consistent naming of the Client/Entity field. At present this field is a mix of these label throughout the application.

This task is currently on hold until a final decision is made on the naming convention to be used in Openbravo ERP.

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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