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Merge Valued Stock Report - Functional Specification


This article will explain how this project is going to work from a functional point of view.

Functional design

Current Situation

At this moment, there are two reports, one named Valued Stock Report that is available in Core and another one named Enhanced Valued Stock Report that is available through a Module. Both of them are a solution to the same functional requirement, and both should be merged into only one that provides a unique solution to this requirement.


The goal is to have only one report, available in Core, that brings all the enhancements made to the one from the Module. This enhancements include:


When using aggregated data, it is not possible to convert every Transaction record at it's movement date, since it is grouped by periods. The amount is grouped in the based currency and then converted on the period end date. This might result in minor discrepancies due to the fact that the conversion happens in a different date.

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