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Merge Valued Stock Report - Technical Specification


This article will explain how to merge the Valued Stock Report from Core with the Enhanced Valued Stock Report from the Module.

Technical design


As of this moment, there are two reports, one in Core and one in a different module, that are meant to solve the same functional requirement. This fact, aside from creating an unnecessary complexity for the en user, has evolved into a situation in which is harder to maintain both of them with the latest improvements made.

As an example, a huge performance improvement was made for the Enhanced Valued Stock Report, but it was really costly to bring this improvement into the report from Core.


In order to bring the performance improvements from the Enhanced Valued Stock Report, it is needed to apply in Core the fix for this Issue


The goal of the project is to merge both reports into only one while maintaining all the functionality and improvements made for both of them.

Both reports will be merged into the one that exists in Core.


There will be only one report, in Core, named Valued Stock Report that will have all the functionality and improvements made in the Enhanced Valued Stock Report too. After the fix, it won't be able to install the module again, since it won't be needed. Also, the repository for the module will be locked, any one will be able to read from it, but only the Functional Team will be able to push further changes.

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