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Projects:MyOB/Developers Manual



The MyOB module provides a customizable home/start page with widgets which can be customized by the user. The widgets in the home/start page are provided by modules and are enabled by role.

The widgets can differ by role and user. For a sales role, sales oriented widgets maybe more relevant while for a management position widgets which show performance indicators are more relevant.

The MyOB module will make it possible to:

The MyOB Widget

The MyOB page can show multiple widgets which show various types of information. As an example some of the these types are displayed here:

The main functionality of a MyOB widget is that it can read information from the database using a query and then display the result using html. The requested information can be a single record (single occurence) or multiple records which can be shown in a grid.

The query output is visualized using a html like template.

Other visualization aspects

Each MyOb widget has other aspects which are important for visualization:

Widget Definition

Widgets defined by user or role.


This module is part of new user interface developments by Openbravo for Openbravo 3.0. The Openbravo 3.0 developers guide can be found here.

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