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Projects:Openbravo ERP 3.0 Template/Functional documentation



This document presents the functional specifications for the configuration of OB ERP 3.0 template.

3.0 Content

List of modules and their version which are included in the template is maintained in a QS & QSS & 3.0 Content Google spreadsheet.

High level functional scope is maintained in a 3.0 Feedback and Action Plan Google spreadsheet.

3.0 Dataset Specification

Role Definition

This section contains list of changes to be made to the Quick Start role definitions to support new business processes that are included into 3.0 scope and were not present in the Quick Start.

These two business process are:

Concrete Role Description Window Form Report & Process
Employee We assume that any person in the enterprise has an access to self-service requisitions Requisition
Purchase manager User working in the procurement department Requisition

Manage Requisitions

Purchase Order

Business Partner


Price List

Requisition to Order Purchase Dimensional Report

Purchase Order Report

Price List Report

Stock Report

Create Purchase Order

Finance User working in the Finance department Requisition


Import Budget

Import File Loader - (remove) Purchase Order Report

- (remove) Stock Report

Create Budget Reports in Excel

Company Executive Senior management Requisition


Material management User working in the warehouse Requisition
Company admin The administrator of the company Requisition

Conversion rate

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