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Projects:PDA Restaurant Module/Technical Documentation


Introduction to the technical implementation

Project Plan: main development steps

Isolation of the common components

The Openbravo POS components needed by the PDA module have to be isolated in order to create a common framework for the Openbravo POS terminal and the PDA module

The development work consist of:

Estimate: 4d

A window login page

A window application to select user and password. If the password matches and the user has permissions to use the Web applications the login is successful and the tables page is displayed.

Estimate: 2d

The tables selector

A page where all floors and tables are displayed and where the user can select only occupied tables.

Estimate: 2d

The order page

A page that displays the order of the table selected with the options to add or remove units to lines, remove lines or add new lines.

Estimate: 4d

The products selector

A page where the categories available and products available are displayed and allow the user to add new products to the order.

Estimate: 4d

The payment dialog

To allow not only to edit orders but also to pay the order and close it

Estimate: 6d

The attributes dialog

A selector for attributes of the line like a burger raw, medium or well done.

Estimate: 4d

The deployment package

It will be nice to create not only a web application that it is easy to deploy on tomcat or any other servlet container. But also to create a simple desktop application with an embeddable servlet container that allows a user without computer skills to startup the web application easily. There are several options available like: Winstone or Jetty.

Estimate: 4d

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