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Getting Started


First step of all is to install the module. After Openbravo ERP is up and running, install the Advanced Payables and Receivables module:

A detailed guide on how to install a new module can be found in the Install Module video.

Using Payment Report module

Retrieving Data

Head to Financial Management > Receivables & Payables > Analysis Tools > Payment Report (there are two, the one this manual refers to, is the last one) and you will see the following screen:


There is plenty of fields to filter the information to retrieve. This are the fields with their explanation.

Once the wanted filters are filled there are three ways to retrieve information. First of all clicking on search button. This way the information will be shown building some tables in the same window below the search button. Another option is to click on the printer on the top part of the window. That will print a pdf file. The last option is to click on the .xls icon. That will create a .xls file with all the information organized into cells.

Html search view.


As it can be seen at the previous image, there are to links one on the Invoice Number column and another one on the Payment column. The link on the Invoice number column takes the user to the Payment Plan tab of the Invoice. The one on the Payment takes the user to the Payment tab.

Exporting to .pdf first page.


Rest of the document.


Exporting to .xls.


When the user exports to .xls some more columns are displayed. This behaviour is intended. This additional columns enable the user to order the lines in the .xls in the same amount of ways as in the html or pdf views.

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