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Projects:Payment Gateways/Functional Specification




The purpose of this project is to enhance the current payment gateway support in Openbravo POS in order to make it easy for any Openbravo POS user around the world to accept credit cards and other digital payment methods.




Payment gateways companies

Design considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Generic employee
Typically these users do not have a high level of professional education and might not be computer literate. These users usually take orders, assist customers and performs the payment operations.
System administrator
Typically these users have a high level of professional education, are computer literate and receive training in the product process. These users perform administrative tasks and configuration of the system.
Payment gateway provider
The company that offers the electronic payment services. This company accepts electronic payment transactions for a fee.
Payment gateway device
The electronic device or server provided by the payment gateway provider that interacts with the point of sale for the payment transactions. This Payment gateway device offers an API, a programming interface, that allows to the point of sale to request payment transactions. This payment transactions are managed by the Payment gateway device and can be accepted or rejected. Payment gateway devices can manage also refunds.

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

Requirement Importance Status Comments
Upgrade of the current payment gateways Must have Not started The current payment gateways (SecPay and Authorize.NET) must be updated and work with the latest interfaces and services provided.
Add support for payment gateways devices Must have Not started Currently Openbravo POS support only online synchronous gateways. There is needed to add support for other payment devices that are asynchronous and that have the responsibility to read the card information.
Add support for more payment gateways Must have Not started Support for other payment gateways like Planetauthorize and Banksys have to be included in the same conditions of the other gateways
Add support for refunds Must have Not started A general implementation for refunds has to be included to allow to return the money back to customers that paid using a credit card.

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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