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Projects/Product Relevance/User Guide



This new module adds a new attribute in the product tab of the Assortment window and in WebPOS a new filter in the “search” panel area to filter products by relevance.

New filter

After installing the module a new field will appear in the Product tab of the Assortment window in Openbravo



A new button will appear in the Search panel in Web POS. This button will have the label Relevance. And it will be present as a new filter


In order to filter by Relevance the user needs to click the button Relevance. After clicking it a popup gets opened. By default the option is "Equals". So adding quantity and pressing Done will apply the filter


But there are more options:


Once the user selects the option, click Done Button

The Relevance button now is in yellow colour meaning that the filter is active


If the user opens the filter again the option keeps selected and there is an option to add other comparation conditions to the filter


Combine different options

This functionality also allows the user to filter by more than one just option. It is possible to combine them


Clear the filter

In order to clear the Relevance filter the user needs to click the Relevance button and unmark the flag and click Done

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