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Datasource based Tables - Functional Specifications


Currently Tables are based on tables or views that have to be defined in the database. This project will add a new option: creating tables based on a datasource defined by the user.

This will give more flexibility in the way data is fetched. This flexibility could be used to improve some performance problems that affect some Pick and Execute windows.


The aim of this project is allow defining Tables based on Datasources defined by the user.

Design Considerations

Two different approaches have been considered:

Java classes are automatically generated for Tables based on tables and views defined in the database. Those classes should not be generated for Tables based on datasources.

If the datasource is called with an ADD, UPDATE or REMOVE operation, the datasource can be able to compose the data and insert, update or remove data from several tables.

Proposed flow

In order to define a table based on a datasource, the user should follow these steps:

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