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WalkMe Integration - Functional Specifications


WalkMe is an interactive online guidance that allows to define step-by-step guides that can be consumed using a browser. To enable the WalkMe guides, the web page the guide is based on must embed some code that loads the guides defined by a particular user.


The aim of this project is to create a module that allows the integration of WalkMe within Openbravo.

Design Considerations

Only the guides of one WalkMe user can be shown at a time.

Proposed flow for defining the guides and integrating them in Openbravo

- Install the WalkMe Integration module in Openbravo - Download WalkMe from - Create a WalkMe user - Log in into WalkMe (for the next steps Firefox must be used)


- All the guides defined by that user will be shown in the WalkMe main tab.


- Open the WalkMe Publish tab.


- In that tab there a button named Snipped. Click on it. In the snippet, the id of ther user can be found between 'users/' and the next '/'. In the screenshot below, the id of the user is '766e020e6e7a49a5a9c528986c48d030'. Copy that id.


- Log in into Openbravo as System Admin using the browser of your choice. - Open the WalkMe User window. Edit its record and enter the WalkMe user ID in the input box.


- Log out and log in into Openbravo. The WalkMe widget will be shown.


- If you click on it, the guides defined by the WalkMe user will be shown to the Openbravo user.


Module Status

The WalkMe Integration with Openbravo is a collaborative development project, but it is provided as is (without any warranties and further support). That is why this module is published in Test maturity status.

This module is published in Test maturity status because to include this widget to Openbravo is very simple but we have some doubts that it will work in a sense that walkthrough scripts will continue to work (without recreation) with MP updates, modules installations or module updates or smartclient updates. Smartclient generates ids of the UI elements dynamically, WalkMe commented that they use very advanced techniques to detect elements location and do the binding but we have some doubts. So this linking is their business and if it does not work - to fix it might be very huge effort that we don't want to take at the moment.

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