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Projects:Select and Process UI Pattern Generation/Functional Specifications old

This is the initial project specification, it has been redone.


Select and Process UI Pattern - Functional Specifications


A typical pattern for process in Openbravo ERP consists in a window that allows filtering, this filtering returns a set of data that is shown in a grid, it is possible to select some lines from this grid and to add some additional parameter, and this information is taken as parameters for a process.

Currently these process are manually implemented because Openbravo ERP platform does not support this pattern.


The purpose of this project is to allow to define the process type described above within Openbravo ERP application dictionary making possible to not have to implement it as manual code.


The scope of this project is to allow the definition of "Select and Process" objects and its implementation.

There are some other elements that will be used by these objects that will be taken as they currently are, and will not be enhanced by this projects. One of this elements is the grid, as currently is not editable these processes will not be able to edit data in the grid.

Design Considerations



Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

This type of users have a high level of professional education, have a deep knowledge of the business processes and some basis on programming. They will be able to create or modify "Select and Process" objects and use them.
Final user
The final user will only see small differences (if any) between the current approach and the new one.

Business process definition


Consultant/developer role will be in charge of creating and maintaining "Select and Process" objects. The creation includes the following steps.

Once the "Select and Process" object is defined it can be associated to a column within a table to be called from as a button or assigned directly to a menu entry.


Final user will use these objects. The appearance for them will be pretty similar (in most of the cases) as the current one for the manual processes.

It will be a popup window called from a button in a tab or directly from the menu. This window will be splitted in 4 parts, only two of them (grid and actions) will always be shown, the rest will be shown depending on the object's definition:

Functional requirements based on business processes

1st. Iteration: Implement Select and Process UI Pattern
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
1.1 Add to application dictionary the required element to support this pattern Must have To be started 5d
1.2 Implement the communication between UI and java process Must have To be started  ?? This implementation will depend on the process invokator (for background processes) implementation
1.3 Implement WAD management for this new element Must have To be started 3w Depending on if it is decided to be static or dynamic code the effort can significantly vary.

2nd. Iteration: Move current manual process to the new pattern
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
2.1 Move the current manual "select and process" objects to the new pattern and depracate old processes and classes. Nice to have To be started 2w

User Interface Mockups

User interface is divided in filters, grid, parameters and action sections. Currently using the standard grid is not possible to show check boxes to select rows.


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