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The Openbravo Magento Connector is a module for integrating Openbravo and Magento eCommerce systems. With this module you can synchronize attributes,product categories, products,customers and sales order between Magento and Openbravo ERP. Each synchronization process can be scheduled by time and frequency to be executed.On demand synchronization also supported.

Technical Requirements

There are two server sites to handle: Openbravo and Magento server. The component is compatible and has been tested with:

   1. Openbravo3.0 - PR15Q3.3
       1.1. Java 1.8
       1.2. PostgreSql 9.3
       1.3. Tomcat 6.0
       1.4. Ant 1.8.0
   2. Magento
       2.1. XAMPP v3.2.1

Databases supported: postgres 9.x

Magento Connector Menu

The 'Magento Connector' area supports synchronization between ERP and Magento.

Magento Connector Menu.PNG

Magento Store Setup

The 'Magento Store Setup' area to configure Magento connection details and test magento backend connection.

Magento Store Setup.PNG

Attribute Group

Attribute group is a list of certain individual product attributes, which fully describe all product’s characteristics. Attribute group is used during every new product creation. This step lets one add all import information about the product in one step. Every single group is a combination of specific attributes.More Information

Attribute Group,Attribute Name and Attribute Values will be synced to Magento using 'Attribute Sync Background process'.

Way: One way, from Openbravo to Magento

Attribute Group.PNG

Attribute Value

Attribute Value.PNG

Product Category

Product category window allows you to create and configure every product group your company may need.More Information

Product Categories will be synced to Magento using 'Product Category Sync Background process'.After category sync 'Magento Entity ID' will be added in ERP for categories which will show that these categories are synced to magento.

Way: One way, from Openbravo to Magento

Product Category.PNG


Product window allows the creation of items such as products, raw materials, resources, services, etc. More Information

Way: One way, from Openbravo to Magento

Two Types of Products

1.Simple Product

Products will be synced to magento via 'Sync Product' Button or 'Product Sync' background process. Inventory will be synced to Magento with product sync.

‘Log History’ tab stores information about actions performed to a particular product.

Simple Product.PNG

Product Images.PNG

2.Configurable Product

A configurable product is a container that holds products which are tightly related together.More Information

When configurable product sync to Magento it's child products will be synced first then configurable product will be synced to Magento.

Configurable Product.PNG

Background Process

Background Processes are processes that are executed without the direct action of the user. There can be set different rules to schedule when the process is executed.More Information

Background Process.PNG

Magento Order Status

Magento uses order state internally for processing order and each order state can be assigned to multiple statuses.More Information

For these order status we have created 'Magento Order Status' reference data.Before importing orders from magento to ERP import order status.More Information

Magento Order Status.PNG

Import Orders

Import Orders window allows to import order from Magento to ERP based on dates and order status using 'Import Orders' Button.

Way: One way, from Magento to Openbravo

Import Orders - Button Enable.PNG

Import Orders.PNG

Sales Order

The Sales Order window allows to register sales related documents with different purposes which is regulated by the Transaction Document field. Depending on the chosen value, the consequences when booking the sales order will be different. Imported Orders will be stored in this window.More Information

'Cancel Order' button will be provided to cancel order in ERP and Magento.

Way: One way, cancel status will be synced from Openbravo to Magento

Sales Order.PNG

Magento Sync Error

Magento Sync Error window stores the magento error while synchronization processed between Magento and ERP.

Magento Sync Error.PNG

Resource Data Flow Log

Resource Data Flow log window stores log history of all sync process between Magento and ERP.

Resource Data Flow log.PNG


Before installing Openbravo Magento Connector, you need to have:

    1. Openbravo 3 PR15Q3.3 and Magento correctly installed.

Make sure that all the needed directories (as requested by Openbravo or Magento) are writable. And database users have all granted permissions.


Installing this connector requires Sigma Infosolutions magento connector pack and custom magento extension.

    1. Into the Openbravo
       1.1. Pack includes one template and two modules which needs to be installed same as installing standard Openbravo modules.
       1.2. Run commands "ant update.database" and "ant smartbuild" in command line
    2. Into the Magento
       2.1. Magento extension has to be installed on magento side which will be provided by us.
       2.2. Clean the cache and run 

Please, watch for any error messages generated during installation. If any error appears, the installation might not have been completed correctly.

Administration Backend

Magento API user

The main point of communication between Openbravo and Magento is calling Magento web services API from Openbravo. All requests are secured on Magento site by username and password, that must be assigned to our connection. To create our XML-RPC User just follow these steps: In Admin mode go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP-XML-RPC-Roles and create a role with all permissions. Next go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP-XML-RPC-Users and create an user with assignation of registered role.

Magento API User.PNG

Openbravo web store configuration

As a next step, we need to configure a web store in our Openbravo installation. Web store is nothing else, just record contains URL of Magento API and username and password for secured connection. To set Web store just open window "Magento Store Setup", create a new record and fill all required fields:

   1. Organization: this organization is assigned to all created entities records by default
   2. Magento Host: direct url address to your magento API, you can create it just by http://<address of the store>/api/v2_soap/index/
   3. API User: name of the user from magento XML-RPC User registration
   4. API Key: api key of the user from magento XML-RPC User registration

Note: There can be only one store can be added.

Magento Store Setup.PNG

Install Reference Data

In Openbravo, after openbravo instance is up, before synchronization process install reference data. Go to Application -> General Setup -> Enterprise Model -> Enterprise Module Management window where you can install reference data ‘Service Product’.

Openbravo process settings

When Openbravo is able to connect to Magento via API, it is possible to define synchronization rules. It means to set value how often must synchronization for particular object occurs. For instance, let's take a Attribute entity. It can synchronized quite often, regularly about every ten minutes. Other entity, for example product category, can be synchronized just in time of created or updated some. Note: every synchronization process takes system resources for its running, so take it carefully when you are creating them. To create new synchronization process, is needed to open "Process Request" window and fill these fields:

   1. Client: openbravo client, accessible during process from OBContext
   2. Organization: openbravo organization, accessible during process from OBContext
   3. Process: registered synchronization process
   4. Timing: options to run it immediately, scheduled or later in defined time

ERP Process Request.PNG

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