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Projects:Sortable Drop Down List/Functional Specifications


Sortable Drop Down List - Functional Specifications


Drop down lists are widely used in Openbravo ERP. This lists allows to select one value from a fixed list of them.

Currently the order the values appear on the list is alphabetical, although in some cases it would make sense to define the order they must appear in.


The purpose of this project is to allow to define the order the list will be displayed in. The order will be defined assigning a sequence to each of the elements in the list.


Once this ability is implemented this will affect all the lists that should be displayed in a fixed order.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

System Administrator role will define the order for the elements.

Functional requirements based on business processes

Requirement Importance Status Estimated time
Include the column to store the order sequence for lists Must have To be started 1h
Implement its usage Must have To be started 1d
Look for the existent core lists that should be shown in a explicit order and assign it. Must have To be started 1d

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