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Projects/Transaction Tab Refactor/Functional Specifications



This document contains the functional specifications for the refactoring of the “Transaction Tab” in Financial Account window.


Currently the transactions in financial account are created by add transaction process. Add transaction process is a manual window created in Openbravo’s legacy technology. The purpose of this project is to refactor add transaction process to enhance it and move it to 3.0 technology.


With this refactoring, transactions will no longer add from popup, transactions will be created from the tab itself.

Design Considerations


This project needs the new functionality created for selectors Process for Adding Records available since 3.0PR14Q4 release. This new functionality allows to open a process definition from a selector.

Functional Requirements

Transactions will be added, deleted and modified in Financial Account/Transaction tab as a common tab in Openbravo. Transaction tab will include a new payment selector, the new payments selector will allow us select payments in status payment received or payment made or create a new payment from the selector itself.

User roles & profiles

Financial staff (Alice): Alice is an employee part of the financial staff. She is in charge of create transactions.

Sales staff (Mike): Mike is an employee part of the sales staff. He will be the one entering sales invoices and payments against invoices and/or orders.

Business process definition

F&B International Group is an enterprise from USA making business with several Business Partners: Vendors, Suppliers, Customers, etc. Every Business Partner can have by default Payment Methods such as Check and Wire transfer; and by default Payment Terms such as Immediate, 30 days or 60 days. Alice a member of financial staff creates the transactions for payment methods that are not configured as automatic deposit or automatic withdraw.

User Stories

Story 1: Adding a bank fee transaction to a financial account with a deposit amount
Alice who is on charge of create transactions should create a transaction in Bank Account 1, with this data:

Story 2: Adding a BP deposit transaction to a financial account selecting a payment in the selector
Mike who is on charge of create Sales invoices create and complete a sales invoice with this data:

Mike who is in charge of issuing the payments, adds the payment from the invoice window. All fields of the Add Payment window are automatically populated from the Invoice.

Alice who is on charge of create transactions should create a transaction in Bank Account 1, with this data: reate a new transaction with this data:

User Interface Mokups





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