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Projects:WAD Hints Generation/Functional Specifications


WAD Hints Generation - Functional Specifications


Help is accessible by clicking the help button in the top right side of the application, when it is clicked a help window is shown with information about the window, tab and fields for the current tab.

New Openbravo ERP users have to permanently click on this button to obtain help of the different elements in each tab.


The purpose of this project is to make this help more accessible showing a hint box each time the users moves the mouse over any element.


Hints will be shown for all the WAD generated elements.


Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

This feature, which can be very useful for beginners, can be annoying for advanced users, so it will be configurable depending on the user. Making possible to show hints for one user but not for another one using the same application.

Business process definition

When the user has active this feature and moves the mouse over an element a hint box will be shown.

The elements that have the capacity of showing a hint are:

Functional requirements based on business processes

Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time
1.1 Create the needed infrastructure to support hints: Javascript functions... Must have To be started 1d
1.2 Modify WAD and the required classes (menu generator, tabs...) to use hints. Must have To be started 5d
1.3 Make possible to activate/deactivate hints using a preference and prepare UI to edit it. Must have To be started 1d

User Interface Mockups

The following image shows the elements that will contain hint ability.


Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

Help vs. description

The elements that have help have also a description field. This description field is shorter than help. Currently this information is not used anywhere.

It might make sense to show the description rather than the help. The advantages of doing so are:

Resolution: Description is going to be used.

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