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Currently, there is a functionality inside dbsourcemanager which enables automatic checking of the Openbravo API at database level (both structure and data/AD parts).

This functionality is designed to work with the whole Openbravo distribution. However, we have found that it would be very useful also to be able to check the API of individual modules, or groups of modules. It would specifically be very useful to automatically check the API of Openbravo for Retail.

Therefore, this project aims to modify the existing "run.api.test.model" task in Openbravo so that it can optionally receive a "modules" parameter, and if it receives it, it checks the API of just the modules specified instead of the whole Openbravo distribution.


The way the run.api.test.model task is used now doesn't differ significantly from how it was before. Now, however, it's possible to use it in two ways:

Test plan

The test plan has been implemented to verify that the task continues to work as expected when used in the old mode to check the distribution, and to verify that the new mode to check individual modules, or groups of modules, also works correctly. Specifically, the following tests have been done:

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