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Payment Method Migration

Payment Method

Each payment rule of All_Payment Rule list reference will be migrated as a new payment method, new record in FIN_PaymentMethod table. These are the default payment rules provided in Openbravo ERP master data:

Form Of Payment Search Key
Wire Transfer 1
Check 2
Promissory Note 3
Money Order 4
Bank Deposit 5
Cash B
Cash on Delivery C
Credit Card K
On Credit P
Bank Remittance R
Transfer (ACH) T
Withholding W

There will be available on Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Setup || Payment Method || Payment Method.

Default configuration of the generated payment methods:

Field Value
Name The name of the payment rule.
Description Generated by the Migration Tool process
Allow Payment IN / OUT Yes / Yes
Automatic receipt / deposit No / No
Automatic payment / withdrawn No / No
Execution type Manual
Upon receipt / deposit In transit
Upon deposit / withdrawn Deposit / Withdrawn
Upon clearing use Cleared account
Default Payment Method configuration

Mapping for Cash and Cash on Delivery payment rule: the receipt/deposit and payment/withdrawn are set as automatic. The general rule is: If the Form Of Payment name contains (no case sensitive) in the name the string cash it will be migrated with the following configuration.

Field Value
Automatic receipt / deposit Yes / Yes
Automatic payment / withdrawn Yes / Yes
Cash Payment Method configuration

Linked entities

In the following windows the Form of Payment value has been migrated to the corresponding new Payment Method.

Project Proposal

Service Project

Payment Term Line

How to identify a migrated Payment Method

In Fin_PaymentMethod table a new column em_aprmt_payment_rule has been added where is stored the search key of the base form of payment. Other explicit indication is the description of the payment method: Generated by Migration Tool

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