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Accounting Reports - Technical Documentation

Payment Aging Balance and BP Multiple Selector in Payment Report

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The created payment aging balance report shows a table where rows are business partners, and columns date ranges. Each cell is a combination of both. The cell will contain a link to the Payment Report. This link will show the payment report window, will fill in the filters according to the clicked cell, and will show the result of the search automatically.

Budget Report

Created Modules

A new field will be created under the tab "Header" of the "Budget" window, in the application dictionary, so a new column will be added to the C_BUDGET table in database. This field will consist of a checkbox indicating wether to calculate actual data for the buget, or not. A new SQL query will be created for the "Export Budget To Excel" button, including the search in the FACT_ACCT table, of all the required data to show the actual amounts.

Modified Modules

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