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Functional Specification


Nowadays, Openbravo ERP builds entries associated to documents following a hard-coded behavior. In order to modify the generated entry, code must be modified.

Since 2.50 version, with the modularity feature, current code has become a module called core. If a module wants to modify accounting entries generated by documents, core must be modified, and this is not desired at all.

With this new development in core, modules will be able to easily modify the entries generated by each document.


The aim of this project is to allow modules to modify the way entries are generated when posting documents.

Design Considerations

A new layer will be included between the document, and the logic that posts that document. In a new window each document will be mapped to the servlet that implements the logic to post it. This way, just modifying the values on this window, accounting behavior will be changed. If a new module wants to change the entry generated when posting an invoice, a new servlet will be developed following the desired behavior. At the same time, the mapping of the invoices to the servlet that posts it will be changed to the servlet developed in the module. This way, the whole application behavior will be changed.

Functional Requirements

Application will not be affected by this developments, because all changes to the way the documents are posted will be transparent to the user. Only a new window is necessary, that will be configured automatically for the user when updating.

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