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Technical Documentation

Modifications to Application Dictionary:


New window where templates are defined. A template will associate a table of the application -that represents a document suitable to be posted- to a Java class. This Java class will have coded the process to run whenever a document of that table is posted.

Modified table: C_ACCT_SCHEMA_TABLE

This table has the relation of tables that will be able to be posted. A new column will allow to associate each table with an element of the table AD_CREATEFACT_TEMPLATE. So, in this accounting schema, the documents associated to this table will be posted by calling the class mapped in the AD_CREATEFACT_TEMPLATE element referenced.


Same than C_ACCT_SCHEMA_TABLE but for a concrete document represented in the table.

New Java classes: abstract classes

All the servlets that will implement posting logic of a document, have to extend these abstract classes; even existing ones. Each abstract class will have an abstract method defined: createFact.

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