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Projects:Add IsExplodeConf in Characteristics/Functional Specifications


Add IsExplodeConf in Characteristics - Functional Specifications


Project to add a flag in the Product Characteristics to avoid inserting all the values in the Configuration tab. Currently when a generic and a new variant characteristic is added to it all its values are automatically inserted. It should be possible to configure this behaviour. To implement this project 3 different feature requests need to be implemented.

Ability to delete/insert values in the configuration tab (30721)

Currently the tab is defined as Edit only (no insert / no delete). It has to be changed to Standard to be able to insert and delete records. It should also be added a new unique index to avoid duplicated.

Ability to disable the automatic insert of records (30724)

New flag in the Product Characteristic tab of Product window. It is visible when the product is generic and the is variant flag is checked. The same flag is added in the Characteristic definition tab to be used as a default value in a similar way than the is variant flag.

When the Explode Configuration flag is not checked the automatic creation should be disabled.

Implementation of the flag in the IDL for Variants module (30726)

This module imports generic products and its variants. When a variant characteristic is assigned to a generic product the value of the flag must be the same value than the characteristic. If the flag is deactivated when a variant product is added the configuration tab of its generic must be updated to ensure that the used value is inserted and activated in the configuration tab.

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