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Projects:Add Payment From Menu

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Add Payment window allows to create Customer's/Supplier's payments and prepayments from a unique screen that can be launched directly from the menu.

Add Payment From Menu.png


The Add Payment from Menu is a feature hidden by default in Openbravo. In order to enable it, you must manually install the module, which is distributed under the Openbravo Public License.

Once installed, the Openbravo interface will show the required window to create Payments from Menu.


These are the main differences compared to existing Add Payment window opened from Sales/Purchase Invoice, Sales/Purchase Order, Payment In/Out windows:

Document: This field can have two values, "Received In" and "Paid Out". Defaulted to "Received In".

Organization: The organization for which the document is going to be created.

Depending on which value is selected in Document field following field labels will be updated:

Processing the payment

"Done" button now is available on top of the screen on the right. While clicking on it the payment will be created, but instead of closing the window like in "Add Payment" popup opened from other windows, the window will be refreshed and kept opened, leaving the fields in the following status:

Credit Payments Grid

This module adds new grid to the screen, named "Credit Payments". This grid is not editable and it shows the information about which credit payments have been used to pay other payments. While opening the window for the first time this grid will not show any information, it will be populated when payments are created, saving the information every time until the window is closed.

Credit Payments.png

These are the grid columns:

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